Theo Makes Public Plea for Opportunity.

Theo Walcott states his desire to remain at Arsenal and emulate his childhood idol, Thierry Henry, by following in his footsteps as a Striker and Arsenal Legend.

After starting just one of the first six games in all competitions this year, Theo Walcott has explained his frustration at a lack of playing time and the failure of a new contract to be agreed. His one and only start was against Sunderland, the first game of the season back on the 13th August when there was little speculation he could leave, and a new contract seemed imminent. A poor performance during that match did nothing for his cause but I highly doubt his absence since then is purely football-related. From then his contract situation spiralled out of control and he ended up staying but with less than a year left. It was reported there was a short-term agreement between Walcott and Wenger, which was thought to mean he would sign a contract but just not at that point. Wenger claimed he knew ‘nothing about it’ and it was as simple as ‘Theo will be staying’ but knowing Mr.Wenger his denial of information is nothing new.

After speaking to multiple journalist from different media organisations at the Mars Just Play event, essentially repeating  the same thing to them all, we now know his side of the story. Walcott stated that ‘it has never been about money. It has always been a football decision for me.’ claiming he had opportunities to leave in the summer, but didn’t take them because it is simply not about the money. He has also reaffirmed his position. “I want to stay, I want to play for Arsenal, I want to try and win things.” And he seems very sincere about it all, unlike players of the past who don’t hesitate to jump ship as soon as they can.

I want to stay, I want to play for Arsenal, I want to try and win things.

“The main factors for me now are I want to start playing up front. That is all it is, really.” But since when did players start deciding where and when they play? Wenger is the boss, and as an Arsenal player, you do what the boss tells you to do. Simple as that. No man is bigger than the club. On the other hand, his frustration is understandable. Starting out as a promising forward for Southampton, he joined Arsenal, who used his pace to their advantage. Many times it has been said by Walcott and Wenger himself, that the end goal was for Theo to be an Arsenal Striker. Wenger promised one day that this would be the case, but unfortunately that day is yet to come. Theo’s slow development has put pay to his very limited chances, and he has never showed the potential of the man he wishes to emulate; Thierry Henry. “I remember when Thierry Henry joined at 22 and the legend he was. Hopefully I can be the legend he was as well in that upfront position.” But until he sorts out his close control, taking on players (like Chambo), final ball, and finishing, he has a long way to go.

I remember when Thierry Henry joined at 22 and the legend he was. Hopefully I can be the legend he was as well in that upfront position.

Boring, Drawing Day at the Office.

Yesterday, saw a very boring and inactive day as far as transfers go. And perhaps as the penultimate day of the transfer window with most signings due to be today, this was to be expected.


Wenger gave his press conference. And we found out nothing on from which we already knew. He said that we were ‘open to anything’ with regards to Nicklas Bendnter, the self pro-claimied player of the year, every year. Although I can now confirm today that a season-long-loan deal has been agreed with Juventus, with a view to a permanent deal. The reason behind this move? Juventus couldn’t get Van Persie or Berbatov. Another loan move for another player we and no one else wants. Others in this boat? Vela was, Denilson is. Squillaci can’t even secure a loan move he’s so bad. There are others I can’t think of off the top of my head. I genuinely don’t think Juventus will keep him permanently. Especially after they see him play. Especially after he misses a golden oppurtunity against Barcelona in the Champions League which would make the difference between going out or going through. Anyone else still bitter about that?

Wenger had a bit of bant with the reporters. After failing to get anything out of Wenger about Bendtner and Chamakh he generalised his question to, ‘Have any agreements been made, with any clubs, for any players?’ which was greeted with an all round laugh, then Wenger’s simple response. ‘No’. But why would Wenger tell anyone anyway? He never does.

On Walcott, he said he knew nothing about the ‘short-term agreement’ but that Theo would stay, he loves the club and despite what the media say ‘he is not one of those players obssessed by money’. He has a year left and will stay and play. My sources tell me he’ll sign a new contract in the near future.

In other news, the Champions League Draw and Capital One Cup Round 3 Draw took place.

We’ve been drawn in Group B with Schalke 04, Olympiacos, and Montpellier. For details on these fixtures look on the fixtures page, link above.

The Capital One Cup draw, drew us at home to Championship side Coventry. One for the young gungs, and some cheap tickets (for Arsenal at least) Eisfield will probably play and be one to watch at that game! Keep an eye out.

Latest Transfer Round Up

Since I last posted about transfers a lot has happened. Sahin moved to Liverpool after Arsenal pulled out of negotitiations. But you know that already.

More recently, we sold Henri Lansbury to Nottingham Forest for £1m, a player with great potential but never flourished at the top end of the game leaving him with multiple loan spells: West Ham, Norwich and Sheffield Wednesday. Not a bad price for him I’d say.

We also found out today that Theo had rejected a contact extension after he wanted £95k or £100k a week, depending on the source. Arsenal were only willing to offer £75k maximum and told him if he couldn’t accept that he could go. With Arsenals policy this is somewhat understandable; we stand so firm and stubborn on wages, so why would we make an inconsistent, mediocre (thus far) player, one of the highest paid at the club. Wenger and Walcott had a meeting later on today though, and a short-term agreement has been made where Theo won’t be sold this window, but won’t be signing a new contract YET.

I personally expect to see him sign a new contract, where both parties compromise ie he’ll get £85-90k a week. Which I think is reasonabe on a long-term contract.

Defence looks sharp and I’m happy with that, and with Jack Wilshere returning hopefully sooner rather than later (touch wood) the midfield looks good, although without him it’s questionable. Diaby isn’t doing much for me. And we’re in need of a replacement for Song, but it doesn’t look there’s much activity on that front. M’Vila is the biggest link we have but it’s seeming more and more unlikely by the day. Tottenham are the only team to make a bid for him.
Upfront I think there’s an issue. Podolski and Giroud need time apparently but how long will it take? We need goals, and Gervinho isn’t good enough in my opinion either. Some of you may rate him, but he doesn’t produce enough good performances/goals/assists. I firmly believe we need to bring someone else in, in that area.

We’ve been heavily linked with Newcastle’s French Midfielder, Yohan Cabaye, with rumours suggesting we’ve made a £15m bid for him, using the money we got for Song. I can’t see us spending that much on that type of player though. I’ll let you decide how true that one is.

Ian Wright has said we should sign Jermaine Defoe, sparking rumours about him joining but I highly doubt Wenger would go for him or listen to what Wrighty has to say. He’s in favour at Spurs at the moment at least, and he won’t be cheap. Or good value for money in terms of goal to game ratio. Which is obviously important (especially to Wenger). He lacks technical ability that Wenger craves in his Strikers too. Rule this rumour out.

Other transfer rumours suggest we’re keeping tabs on Dzeko, Tiote, Rangel, Navas and Isco.

One or two of the seven players mentioned would be a dream. But often at Arsenal dreams rarely reach reality.