How to beat Bayern Munich – by Arsene Wenger

STEP 1: Sign a world-class goalkeeper, capable of stopping Robert Lewandowski one-on-one. AKA Petr Cech.


STEP 2: Rally up the team with a “nothing to lose” attitude, by losing first two group games meaning we have to win this one or we’re effectively out. (Circa away legs in Munich in 2013&14 where we won 2-0 and drew 1-1 after poor first legs).


STEP 3: Tell the press you’re going to come flying out the blocks from the start to get an early goal. Do the opposite. Leave Bayern and Guardiola surprised by deep-lying defensive tactics.


STEP 4: Play only the counter attack. Surrender possession. Defend as a team.


STEP 5: Turn Coquelin to fully passionate and determined. Allow for big challenges, shouting at team-mates, keeping everyone organised, and celebrating like a fan.


STEP 6: Make religious 70th minute substitution where Walcott and Giroud swap places.


STEP 7: Put all the big guys in the box and sneak a cheeky winner.

STEP 8: Score. With any part of the body. Doesn’t matter how they come. I always rated Giroud.

STEP 9: Keep a clean sheet.

STEP 10: Remind Bellerin he is faster than Douglas Costa. And Alaba. And everyone else on the pitch for that matter.

STEP 11: Get Ozil another goal in another big game.

STEP 12: Be the first manager to have beaten both Pep Guaridola’s Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.


Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal


Our first win of the season, and a great manner to get it. Undeafeted at Anfield in the Premier League for 6 seasons now. We got out the blocks well, and dominated a lot of the early stages of the game. Liverpool didn’t pose too much of a threat except for a few aerial balls (but no Carroll?) and one chance which fell to their 17 year old, Sterling. They also gave a couple of shouts for a penalty, but nether were given. And rightly so! That cheating bastard, Suarez. Does anyone actually remotely like him? I can’t stand him.

A few half chances came our way but nothing solid, Vermaelen made a couple of good runs, but didn’t produce anything at the end of them. Speaking of which he then intercepted a sloppy pass from a sloppy Gerrard, who played poorly all day. Straight to Podolski, who was waiting just inside our halfway line, passed it on to a sharp Cazorla who played very well yet again, before running forward towards the Liverpool CB’s with Giroud to his right and a charging Podolsk to his left. Slotting it through to Podolski who took it equisitely. No one could have taken it better, NO ONE.

Possession was dominated further in the second half, but Liverpool looked to carry more threat. All was dealt with reasonably comfortably with Mannone called upon a couple of times, although mostly from long range shots which he dealt with well. We then added a second, when Cazorla linked up with Podolski again, although this time in reverse roles. Reina should have kept it out, but I’m not complaining.

Special mention for Diaby who had a great game, ran the midfield, box to box, just like Patrick used to. Hopefully he can keep this and we’ll see more great performances. Consistency is key to keeping your place in the midfield. All the midfielders have points to prove with Jack and Tomas coming back. I also thought Vermaelen had a great game again, definitely showing the passion of a Captain. Body on the line, reminiscent of a good Vidic/Terry, but of course, he’s always been this way. Gerrard was an a*** for sending him flying off the grass though with that dodgy tackle. Bad and bitter loser!

Up to 7th place now, although we could slip behind Man United or Newcastle, dependent on their results. Fingers-crossed.
The confidence that should do for them though, a win finally, at Anfield, 2 goals and ANOTHER clean sheet. The only team not to concede in the league this season. The first time in 88 years we’ve done it too. Take a bow Steve Bould, and of course the players themselves. Top Job. I hope their confidence stays SKY HIGH.