This website is run and created by one person. It is in no way affiliated to Arsenal FC or arsenal.com and does not represent their views. Although the content consists of everything relevant to Arsenal FC.

The views seen on this website represent the views of the person who runs the site and writes the articles; however the opinions and views expressed in the comments, ratings and polls do not represent the views of the site.

I write passionately about Arsenal and you can expect post-match articles to be filled with heartfelt emotion. However, I always convey facts and report accurate news stories, unless otherwise stated i.e. I’d indicate it was a rumour or from a different source.

My affiliated twitter account is @goonerview

The site attracts a fair amount of fans, with the numbers consistently rising. I appreciate all the help and advice various people have given me, and I am also grateful to those who encouraged me to do this and as well continue to support and share the website.



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