Arsenal need to finish above Tottenham to salvage any positives from this season

Heading into this weekends fixtures Arsenal have a huge game away to Man City at the Etihad. 

However, the Gunners top four place looks safe with Man City and Man United both dropping points last weekend.

Arsenal will have their sights ahead though, with moving above Tottenham still a real possibility.

Tottenham drew at Stamford Bridge on Monday night, and with Alli already out for the rest of the season and surely more suspensions to come, the prospect of overtaking them into second place is certainly on the cards still.

They must play Southampton, and away to in-form, relegation threatened, Newcastle. 

Neither of those games will be easy, but their superior goal difference means they will only need a win in one of the two, or for Arsenal to lose one of their own games (City or Villa).

Stranger things have happened though. Remember when Arsenal  overtook them on the last day of the season, after a dodgy lasagne meant half Spurs’ team couldn’t play?

Well this year they will be missing key players through their own impetulence. 

Perhaps there is still something left to fight for in this season. Though you wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal continued to squander any chance they get.

Man City present a tough task. But they will be focusing on their trip to the Bernabeu on Wednesday night, which will undoubtedly take its toll.

The enthralling entertainment we’ve seen this season, isn’t over just yet.

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