Henry – This was always going to be where I started.

It is now widely known that Thierry Henry has begun his training to become a coach and possibly manager in the future. Having taken up a punditry role with Sky Sports following his retirement from the playing side of the game, he said he intended to take this time to learn more about the game, as he appears on Sky and undertakes his coaching badges.

Speaking to the Arsenal Magazine, Thierry said: “[Arsène Wenger and I] sit sometimes, obviously he has a lot on his plate. We speak about training youngsters and how it’s different to training senior players. We talk about being a manager, we talk about players from the academy. I will ask him questions on how to deal with certain situations.”

“I’m obtaining my badges right now with the Welsh FA and looking to gain the A-licence. It goes without saying that I asked Arsenal if I could do that with them and be involved with the team.”

It had first been reported a few months ago that Henry had been helping to train some of the youth teams at Arsenal, and what a privilege for those players to have worked with the legend himself. You can just imagine the instant respect he would command and the hanging on to every word of advice he uttered.

“I asked the boss and he said to come, train with the under-18s and 19s and help conduct sessions. I’m just an assistant at the minute, I’m not a coach but it’s great, as you can imagine.

“It’s the place I love, there’s so much emotion for me here so this was always going to be where I wanted to start my coaching.

Asked on his thoughts of his own philosophical ideas, Thierry responded that he had his own view but it was the sticking with it when the going gets tough that was the real test.

“I have a certain view of how I would like teams to play but it’s one thing to have a view and another to try and execute it. For example are you still going to maintain that philosophy if you’ve lost two or three games, while fans are upset, the press is having a go and players are storming into your office?

“It’s all stuff I’m learning. How to stay strong, how to remain in the same direction despite enduring problems.”

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