Henry: Sanchez can fire Arsenal to title

Thierry Henry believes Alexis Sanchez is the man who can make the difference and win Arsenal the Premier League again for the first time since that famous invincible season, now 11 years ago.

Arsenal legend turned Sky pundit, Henry, believes Sanchez is a ‘match-winner’, but still has room to improve.

“If you’re an Arsenal fan, we were all waiting for that type of match-winner,” Henry told Arsenal.com.

“Look at what he did in the FA Cup final and what he has been doing since his arrival. He has been more than tremendous.

“We want to see that more and more and I know that he has that in his locker. When you have a guy like Alexis Sanchez, it is the X-factor.”

Sanchez has had a very successful first season at Arsenal; scoring 25 goals in his first year is an incredible fate, and hopefully he will push on to even better things next season.

However, if Arsenal are to win the Premier League, they need some more players to come in and help Sanchez, according to Thierry.

“He is the guy who can change the course of a game. I love the way he plays, he plays with his heart and I know the fans love that about him.

“As an Arsenal fan I am very excited about next season and hopefully we can bring some people to the club, some new players maybe but when you have a guy like Alexis Sanchez anything can happen. Hopefully he can fire us to the title next year.”

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