Diaby and 6 others released by Arsenal

Arsenal have released 7 players after their contracts ran out this summer, including injury-stricken Abou Diaby.

After nine years at Arsenal, Abou Diaby, has left the club having spent most of his time on the injury table.

The Frenchman was originally bought to fill a void left by compatriot Patrick Viera.

With many of the same characteristics as the former Arsenal captain, he was dubbed the next Viera and set to be Wenger’s next big prodigy.

Unfortunately his talent and potential never fully availed, as he never fully recovered from a series of injuries that began with a fractured ankle at Sunderland, according to Arsene Wenger.

“He [Diaby] is a player that I have an enormous amount of respect for,” explained Wenger.

“Every time he comes back, he has to start from zero with another injury. He was a victim of competition.

“A footballer needs his ankle. He was destroyed by a bad tackle [by Dan Smith in May 2006 that saw Diaby suffer a fractured ankle] at Sunderland six or seven years ago which altered his ankle.

“He is not a fragile player. He was the victim of an assassin’s tackle that went unpunished.”

Wenger had previously cited keeping Diaby on as an option, perhaps on a pay-per-play contract but clearly this has not occurred. Diaby will surely now struggle to find a club to play for, given his injured past.

Other players to have left the club are Ryo Miyaichi, Jack Jebb, Austin Lipman, Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill, Semi Ajayi and Josh Vickers.

We wish all of these the best with their future, especially Abou, who has the talent to do great things should he continue fight on.

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