5 Things Petr Cech Will Bring to Arsenal

What would the Czech Republic and Chelsea goalkeeper bring to Arsenal?

1. First and foremost, Petr Cech is an experienced and proven goalkeeper. He has won multiple Premier League’s and a Champions League, and therefore will come with a winning mentality. A trait the Arsenal players are starting to learn themselves after back-to-back FA Cup victories.

2. Secondly, Cech will provide Arsenal with some stability in goal. A position that has been filled by players that weren’t quite good enough, mistake prone, or just down right incompetent, since the depature of Jens Lehman all too long ago now. Funnily enough, it is David Ospina who is probably the best goalkeeper Arsenal have had since those days, but now looks likely to leave with Petr Cech’s arrival, who is still nonetheless, an upgrade.

3. Arsene Wenger claimed it was Ospina who is the best goalkeeper in the league, statistically. But he was wrong. Petr Cech may have only played 7 games in the league this season, but he did have a statistically better save percentage than Ospina. 88% compared to just 80%. Meanwhile Szczesny’s 60% is not even worth a look in. Then clean sheets and mistakes made, also epitomise Cech’s level of professionalism and that is a general word-class talent. He is the best of three. The stats don’t lie, do they Arsene.

4. Petr Cech will also bring with him, his leadership. He will command the back four as any good keeper should, but this is something we haven’t seen at Arsenal for all too long. It is this traditional sense of a goalkeeper commanding his box, his area, that we haven’t seen. Making any loose balls his. Making the defenders sure of where their man is, and where they should be. The keeper sees the whole game, and this communication and leadership is key to not conceding.

5. Finally, Arsenal now have a vacancy in the form of a goalkeeping coach position, after previous coach, Tony Roberts, left to join Swansea last week. Chelsea coach, Christpohe Lollichon, followed Cech to Chelsea from Rennes in 2007. It looks likely this could be something else Cech brings with him. Is this all a coincidence? I think not. Lollichon believes Cech has “3 or 4 excellent seasons” left in him. And what better way to prolong your career at the top, than to bring the coach who knows you better than anyone with you?

Sky Sports believe he has already agreed terms with Arsenal, and Chelsea star believes he is worth 15 points a season.

Petr Cech “worth 15 points a season”

Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech, according to Sky Sports Sources. 

This comes about after weeks of speculation, with compatriot and Arsenal player, Tomas Rosicky, Chelsea goalkeeping coach, Christophe Lollicon, and now John Terry all speaking out about Cech leaving, with Arsenal on the tips of all of their tongues.

John Terry has said today that:”There is obviously talk of Arsenal signing Petr and if they do get Pete, that will strengthen them for sure. He will save them 12 to 15 points a season” he told Talksport radio station.

“I am sure if he does leave the club, which nobody wants to see, but we understand he wants to play football, he is going to be sorely missed. He will improve whatever side he goes to.”

Jose Mourinho had previously said there was no chance he would let Cech make the switch to their London rivals, if it was down to him.

But it appears that Roman Abromavich has taken a different stance, and is willing to let Cech decide his own future so that he and his family can remain in London. After many years of service to Chelsea, this is a tribute of respect to the long-serving keeper and the least he deserves.

Petr Cech could provide Arsenal some much needed stability in goal, and a world-class goalkeeper that hasn’t been present since Jens Lehman, leaving them more capable of pushing on to mount a serious title challenge.


Henry: Sanchez can fire Arsenal to title

Thierry Henry believes Alexis Sanchez is the man who can make the difference and win Arsenal the Premier League again for the first time since that famous invincible season, now 11 years ago.

Arsenal legend turned Sky pundit, Henry, believes Sanchez is a ‘match-winner’, but still has room to improve.

“If you’re an Arsenal fan, we were all waiting for that type of match-winner,” Henry told Arsenal.com.

“Look at what he did in the FA Cup final and what he has been doing since his arrival. He has been more than tremendous.

“We want to see that more and more and I know that he has that in his locker. When you have a guy like Alexis Sanchez, it is the X-factor.”

Sanchez has had a very successful first season at Arsenal; scoring 25 goals in his first year is an incredible fate, and hopefully he will push on to even better things next season.

However, if Arsenal are to win the Premier League, they need some more players to come in and help Sanchez, according to Thierry.

“He is the guy who can change the course of a game. I love the way he plays, he plays with his heart and I know the fans love that about him.

“As an Arsenal fan I am very excited about next season and hopefully we can bring some people to the club, some new players maybe but when you have a guy like Alexis Sanchez anything can happen. Hopefully he can fire us to the title next year.”

Cazorla Crushes Atletico Madrid Hopes of Signing Him

Santi Cazorla has brushed aside rumours linking him with a potential move away from the club, with 2 years still left to run on the 30-year-old’s contract at the Emirates. 

The Arsenal player has been heavily linked with a move to Atletico Madrid after an impressive season at the Emirates, widely regarded as one of Arsenal’s standout players this season, helping them to retain the FA Cup and finish 3rd in the league.”

“I’m very happy at Arsenal and in the Premier League,” Cazorla told Goal. I feel loved and valued by both the team and supporters.

“Any news stories about me and Atletico Madrid are false. Currently I am just focused on Arsenal, I have two more years on my contract here and I hope to complete them.”

Despite being one of the older players in the squad, it does not show on the pitch. Arsene Wenger is renowned for not keeping on too many players into their thirties, but it looks like Santi could be one of the few exceptions as he gives so  much to the team.

Wenger has already said he intends to keep every player on for next season, and Cazorla has reiterated what we have heard from a lot of the players about pushing on in the Premier League and Champions League.

“It is very important for us to win trophies, and now we are preparing ourselves for the next season, where we want to jump up in quality and hope to fight for the Premier League and go further in the Champions League,” he said.

“If we want to fight for the Premier League we must keep the level from the second half of last season.

“I think that’s what we need to fight against Chelsea, City and United, the teams that will be stronger next season.

“Hopefully Arsenal can in future reach as high as Barcelona,” he added. “That’s the goal.

“Barcelona is the reference to the rest of world football and all of us want to be closer to them.”



Arsenal Charged by FA

Arsenal have been charged by the FA due to an alleged breachment of football agents regulations with regards to Calum Chambers transfer last summer.

Chambers joined Arsenal for a reported £16m from Southampton in the July of last year, and has made 36 appearances for the Gunners throughout a successful season, earning him a place in the under-21’s Euro Championship starting next Wednesday.

The former Southampton players agent, Alan Middleton, has also been charged under the same offence, allegedly breaching regulations over the 20 year old defenders transfer.

He has until 17 June to respond to the charge. Arsenal though, have until 26 June having requested more time.

Recent fines for similar breaching of the rules according to the BBC include:

“In May 2014, Sunderland were fined £100,000 and warned over their future conduct after admitting breaching the regulations.

Meanwhile, in February of this year, Championship club Brighton were fined £90,000 for the same offence.”