Mesut Ozil on knee-injury and improving form

Arsenal’s midfield maestro was left on the sidelines for 3 months this season, missing crucial games and coinciding with Arsenal’s bad form that meant they could not really threaten Chelsea for the title, despite being the best team in the league this calendar year. 

Ozil damaged ligaments in his left knee during a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge back in October, but ultimately it gave him a much needed rest that would allow him to gain physical strength, and regain that mental sharpness, so that he could get back to playing his best football again.

“In my first season, not having a winter break meant that I could notice my body becoming a bit tired,” Ozil said. “I had the World Cup after my first season here.

“It was such a great time but when I came back, the fitness coach said that even though I felt fit, the freshness was missing.

“I continued to give everything to help the team and that’s how I got my injury.

“That was a really bitter time because I missed football but it’s an experience you have to go through as a player. My aim was always to come back stronger and, thanks to God, everything worked out.”

The 26-year-old World Cup winner, is now hoping that he can win the FA Cup again this year, which would mean Arsenal’s return to winning ways have coincided with his arrival.

Furthermore it would mean he has won 2 FA Cups and a World Cup since joining the Gunners, and as such he is undeniably one of the world’s greatest midfielders, and a huge asset to the team.

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