Thierry Henry rectify’s stance on Olivier Giroud

A few days ago Olivier Giroud responded to the Arsenal legend, turned Sky pundit’s, opinions on him and the Arsenal team. But now Thierry Henry has retraced his steps and tried to clarify what he meant by what he had originally said.

Arsenal’s all-time top scorer had said that Arsenal’s spine was weak, and that this was an area in need of improvement in the summer if Arsenal were going to compete for title next season. They need ‘a top quality striker’.

Naturally, fellow Frenchman and Arsenal’s current main striker, Giroud, was disappointed and disheartened by Thierry’s comments, leading him to come out and express those feelings in the media.

But now Henry has attempted to rectify his stance, or what was perceived to be his stance anyway, telling Sky Sports:

“Alexis Sanchez made me believe he can [take Arsenal to the next level]. But I do believe he needs help. I believe also that Olivier Giroud needs help.

“I said what I said [about Giroud] and people took it a bit the wrong way. When we were winning titles it was because Kanu could do a job when I needed a rest.

“Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord was coming sometimes with a hat-trick there, a goal at the end of a game but were not always starters.

“I think [Arsenal] need another striker -that’s what I said the other day – that has other characteristics than Giroud. I think they need to improve that [squad] with other guys.

“When I talked about the spine and talking about the goalkeeper and a centre-back and a holding midfielder and a striker, I’m not saying to the guys [who are already there] ‘leave and let [new guys] come and play’, no, [I’m saying] compete.”

These remarks come after not only Giroud’s response, but questions put to Wenger about his comments, and also a number of disgruntled fans on Twitter, who had not expected the legend to tear the team apart quite so vigorously after what hasn’t been so much a disastrous season has some would have you believe.

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