Will Vidal sign for Arsenal?

Recent speculation within the media has suggested that a deal for Juventus midfielder, and Chilean international, Arturo Vidal has already been agreed. 

Various reports are suggesting that the Juventus star will sign for Arsenal after his involvement in the Copa America tournament, where he will team up alongside last summers signing, Alexis Sanchez.

It is no secret that the two of them are very good friends, and some journalists have wasted no time in exploiting this fact as a key reason for a potential Vidal to Arsenal transfer, in a bid to strengthen the weight behind this rumour.

Every summer Arsenal are linked with exceptional players, and until two summers ago, none of these supposed signings came to fruition. However, these days, Arsenal are battling with the biggest clubs out there to secure the signings of the best players on the planet. Wenger’s change of transfer policy has been clear to all, with Messrs, Ozil and Sanchez, having joined from Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

Arsene Wenger has already hinted that he will bring in reinforcements this summer, should the right players be available. Additionally, it is no secret that there will be a handful of departures this window, with the likes of Flamini, Arteta and Diaby, all looking unlikely to stay on next season.

This does suddenly leave the depth in midfield, fairly shallow. Especially in the defensive department; an area we are all well aware is in need of some real talent.

The speculation over Vidal joining the side increased ten-fold, when DirecTV journalist, Hernan Feler, tweeted:

Después de la Copa América de #Chile, se hará oficial la llegada de Arturo Vidal al #Arsenal. Está todo cerrado. Será compañero de Aléxis.

Which in English, basically says: Vidal will join Arsenal officially after the Copa America Tournament, joining his comrade Sanchez.

There is no doubting the 28-year olds quality. As part of a magnificent trio alongside Pirlo and Pogba this season in the Juventus midfield, they have achieved wonders, winning the Serie A again, and by some distance (bragging Chelsea fans, take note of a real whitewash), and not to mention their place in the Champions League final, beating current holders, Real Madrid in style along the way.

But first and foremost this begs the question as to why he would want to leave Juventus for Arsenal? It is a rare scenario where a first team regular in a very successful team chooses to part ways with winning.

Secondly if he did choose to leave Juventus, would it be for money? Because Arsenal are certainly not on the top of anyone’s list who are looking purely for high wages.

This leaves us with only a couple of reasons why he would want to join Arsenal. Perhaps Vidal is looking for a fresh challenge in his career; dominating Italian football probably loses its thrill after successive league successes.

But then we have to presume to ask why Arsenal would be his preferred destination, when many teams will be queuing up for his signature if he is indeed available.

And we are left with one undeniable truth. There are only two people at Arsenal who could persuade him to join us, whom without, he certainly would not be coming (if he even is), and they are Alexis Sanchez and Arsene Wenger.

Here we can see some of the main reasons why he would and wouldn’t join, but ultimately Arsenal will sign at most a handful of the dozens and dozens of players we are linked with over this summer, and Vidal may or may not be one of them, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

But I do believe that you can be certain that the right players will be signed this transfer window, because the club, and Wenger, have come to far over the past 2 seasons to back out now.

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