Wenger – We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again

Arsene Wenger spoke to the media after the 4-1 victory against Reading over the weekend.

The Arsenal boss has just one regret, that not enough goals were scored. But surely not keeping a clean sheet against a very poor Reading side is just as much regretful?

“We enjoyed the game, the way we played, our technical side, our creative side, our spirit and how disciplined and focused we were. The regret you have is there were more goals in this game than the number of goals we scored. But overall it’s a good basis to finish the season well, lets just keep that spirit, that attitude, and play the football we want to play.”

Monreal was subbed in the second-half after colliding with the post. Wenger gave the latest on his and others injury news.

“It’s not bad, [Monreal will be out for] 2-3 days. He hit the post yes, [and has] bruising, on the hip.

“Jack will not return next week at West Brom, maybe the week after. Theo has a chance to be fit again next week.”

Gervinho scored one goal along with two assists. Wenger insists he’s always had the quality.

“Gervinho’s performance was very strong, and he was always dangerous, looked always like he could score, gave assists, scored. I believe overall sometimes Gervinho has lost confidence because he played in a very negative atmosphere during a period, and the strikers need confidence. His game even more. He’s always taking the ball and going forward and provoking. When you lose confidence it is a very dangerous game. At the AFCON, for me, he was the best striker there.”

A top-four finish is definitely on the cards, but does Wenger think we can get third?

“Look at the table and we are still behind Chelsea and Tottenham. So we are not in a calculating mode, we just can win our next game and continue to do what we are at the moment. We are on a run, so lets take care of the quality of our game and of that run. After we’ll see where we stand. It will be less predictable than it was predicted. We will give our best to do it.

“We have the experience, we have done it before and we want to do it again. I am sure we will, but it demands a lot of dedication and nerves until the end.”

Wenger on Giroud’s penalty incident.

“I thought it was a penalty, but the referee said it was not a penalty. I have learned from my long experience that the referee is always right.”

Will the number of chances Arsenal have missed today, and in other games be crucial if it goes right to the wire ie goal difference.

“Let’s make sure it doesn’t go to goal difference, and if it does that it’s in our favour. At the moment I believe we have 25, Chelsea 26 and Tottenham 15. So that means there’s a long way to go. At the moment we are at the same level as Chelsea, and it’s down to us. If we win our games we will have a better goal difference and that’s all we can do.”

Wenger’s thoughts on Diaby’s injury which will keep him out for at least another 8-9 months.

“It was the shock of the week for us, because I thought originally it was just a twist of the knee, and when they told me that it was a rupture of his cruciate, and when you know what this guy has gone through and how many times has he worked day and night to come back in the rehab, it’s just demoralising. I hope he will find the strength and resources to fight for a comeback, because he was quite down. When you look at the number of problems he’s had, the surgeries. He is 26 years old, and had 4/5 surgeries, big ones, and that demands a lot of mental strength to come back and I hope he will not give up and continue.”

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