Wenger – We can do it

Team News

“Wilshere is out with an inflamed ankle, on the other ankle, not where he was injured. He will be out for three weeks and will not be available for Munich, Swansea or England.

“Kieran Gibbs is back in the squad. It’s great to have him back in the squad because we play Vermaelen out of position, overall he can play left back but I am not decided yet whether he will start or not, but I will hope he will be fit enough to start tomorrow.

“Sagna is not available. Diaby is back in the squad, he has a test this morning. Again he is a bit short, but hopefully he will be able to travel.”

Preparation for facing Munich during the 10 day break

“Well we have practiced a lot and prepared for this game. It was a bit came out of a very stressful period, and mentally it was good to have a little breather and to refresh. On the football front, we could mix up the recovery and preparation.”

What lessons can you take from the Milan game last year?

“I believe that we were very close because we scored early goals and we were up 3-0 and in the final 30 minutes we could not get that 4th goal. Of course we remember forever the chance van Persie had to score the 4th goal. After on the bench we were a bit short when we dropped to come on and make the difference. This time I hope that we can do it.”

Is there a freedom when being the underdogs?

“There is a kind of lets really play with freedom, yes. Lets start strong, I believe we have to create a doubt in their mind and you do only that if you have a real go. The chance you have is to insecure the certainty they have at the moment. That you can only do when you play your best.”

Balancing the team to score goals without conceding

“We have to have a real go without being silly and think that the game only lasts 30 minutes and lets do anything just to throw everything forward from the 1st minute on. We want to be positive, but as well be intelligent.”

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