Wenger – We won’t crack under pressure

Arsene Wenger spoke to Eurosport earlier on, claiming Arsenal’s experience in this end of season scrap will prove beneficial to them, despite sitting 5-points adrift of fourth spot, but as well admitted to having some deeper concerns.

“Of course, you are not feeling great if you can’t win, but we can stay solid or crack under the pressure.

“If you want to know, I am still solid, but I can’t tell you that I feel great right now because my job is about winning games and when you lose you will not find a single coach in this world who feels good.

“I am not worried about us potentially coming back against Bayern, I am more worried about consequences that could manifest in the heads of our players.

“You will never know how they can absorb those blows and how the team responds to disappointment. This is the most worrying aspect for me.

“But from the experience of how to handle the end of the season, we know how to deal with that. We have had lots of experience.”

Arsenal head into the Allianz Arena in Munich to face Bayern after a 10-day break, while Bayern Munich will have only had a 3-day rest. Whether this will help Arsenal at all seems unlikely based on current form, with winning the match looking like an impossible task let alone the whole-tie. However, stranger things have happened in football, especially where Arsenal are involved.

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