Wilshere over Bale, any day of the week

Jack Arsene Wenger wouldn’t swap Jack Wilshere for Gareth Bale who has been tabbed as England and Arsenal’s saviour, backing the midfielder, who is an integral part of both country and club’s future plans and hopes, to achieve 100+ caps for England. 

As we head in to the North London Derby, all the talk has been about inform man Gareth Bale, who has single-handedly maintained the four-point lead Tottenham have over Arsenal on Sunday, and drawn comparisons with Europe’s best after his match-winning performances this season, although Wenger has brushed the hype aside.

The Arsenal boss reckons his own influential midfielder-maestro has limitless possibilities.

“Bale is the flavour of the moment. When you look at Wilshere, who will deny that this guy will get 100 caps for England? Nobody, if he has no injury.

“My worry is not to compare Wilshere with anyone else. My only worry when you are a footballer player of that talent is to become as good as you can become.

“That is the only thing that is of interest to me. I leave the comparisons to other people. My job is to get the best out of him.

“You tend to forget how old he is when you see him play. You never come out of a game and think ‘this guy is 21 years old’. He’s at a stage where the others have not started,” said Wenger.

“You think of Jack, an established player in the Premier League and at international level, that is still something special.”

Adding that Jack can become Arsenal’s long-term leader:”Jack breathes football. He doesn’t talk too much, but he understands everything.

“What he has exceeded is the speed of his physical fitness in the game. Honestly, I never expected that.”

Wenger also believes that there are goals to from Wilshere, who is yet to score in the Premier League this season.

“I believe it’s part of his development to play a bit more advanced,” the Arsenal boss said.

“In some games, he is more comfortable deeper. I believe he has a little dribble that can get him through in the final third and the finishing will come.

“He’s a bit in a situation like Fabregas was for a while. He said to me ‘but I cannot score goals’, however you could see that it would come.

“Jack doesn’t talk about it, but who doesn’t want to score goals? He is more a team player than a goalscorer.

“He will never be a goalscorer, but he can be capable to score.”

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