Jenkinson Believes British Core is the Best Way

As one of the six British players to sign a contract extension earlier on in the season, Carl Jenkinson believes a British Core will produce many long-term benefits for the Gunners. Carl has expressed his agreement with the boss about the importance of having British players as the central focal point of the team.

“I’ve seen what the boss has said himself [about a British core],” Carl told

“I think he said that signing young British players will [be beneficial because] they are more likely to be committed to the Club and stay at the Club for a long time. I think he’s right in that thinking.

“I think that there are good young players coming through at the moment. The boss has no commitment to sign players from anywhere.

“The boss just wants the best players for Arsenal Football Club. If he thought they were from elsewhere, I’m sure he would sign them. He obviously thinks that [by signing the British players up] we’re as good or better than any other options that he had. That can only be a good thing for us.

“From my point of view, I think it’s good to have an English core. We’re an English club and with English players and an English squad, the fans can relate to that. Arsenal Football Club are going to sign players that are the best and I don’t think it will really matter where they’re from.”

One thought on “Jenkinson Believes British Core is the Best Way

  1. This article is obviously written by a young man who has Arsenal in his blood. I love him for that but I am afraid that he has developed many bad habits since he came into the team. Fire and determination are not enough to make up for weaknesses. He cannot stay on his feet when making tackles and his impetuosity generates bad tackles which cost him bookings. He has also developed a habit of stopping his attacks and looking behind him to pass backwards. He must make more back passes than any other player in the team. That is a disease which has inflicted this squad of players and they don`t seem to realise that by the time they play the ball back and play it forward again, the opposition have marshalled their defence. Bayern exploited that tendency and simply stopped the attacks from Arsenal and picked them off on the counter. We lose most of our matches to well organised defensive teams who break quickly before we have re grouped our defence. The two centre backs are so busy playing football out of defence that they leave gaps between them for players to run through.

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