Arsenal Beat Villa to Keep Up Good League Run

Arsenal beat Aston Villa 2-1, with a brace from Santi Cazorla. The second of which came just 6 minutes from full-time to the relief of Wenger and the fans. The Spaniard brought his total for the season to 11, the fourth top scorer for Arsenal.

Despite getting the vital three points that would see us gain on those above us and move away from those below us, many were still critical of the way Arsenal played, saying that they still lacked a number of things in their performance.

Getting a goal early on was perhaps the most important thing that happened for us in the game. If we hadn’t scored, chances are Villa would have and we would have lost our confidence. Even by not scoring we probably would started feeling sorry for ourselves again and then all the fans would get on the teams back.

Fortunately this wasn’t the case. Santi tried to play the ball in along the ground to the far-post for it to be cleared straight at him. He controlled it nicely with his chest, pushing it beyond.a couple of defenders before slotting it away past their ‘keeper.

Villa had a few chances but Szczesny who has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks was matched to them. However, midway through the second half, Aston Villa broke on the counter attack from an Arsenal corner and with 4 against 3, Weinneman had plenty of choices. He went with the perhaps, less obvious one of shooting. Luckily for him it paid off but Szczesny yet again failed to save a shot he really should be able to.

The 22-year-old has a lot of learning to do still, but it seems he has become worse. Perhaps a huge knock in confidence? It wouldn’t surprise me with the constant critics of his performances and rumoured replacements.

For someone who was very promising and full of the almost arrogant nature a ‘keeper needs, he has certainly taken a step backwards in his career. Fortunately he’s just a kid in goalkeeper terms.

The defence haven’t exactly helped his cause, with the back-four, and midfield don’t forget, leaving him completely vulnerable at some point during every game.

The passion and commitment from them is poor, the quality in their defensive skills is also poor, and their organisation and structure is more often than not, non-existent.

With no real defensive midfielder, or anyone holding, the back-four are consistently exposed. The Villa goal is a perfect example, but unfortunately one of many every game.

A player in this position is a must-purchase this summer.

The centre-backs have also had a torrid time. It’s hard to nail a single cause or problem, it is just so wide spread it touches every aspect. The bottom line is they aren’t good enough. Vermaelen perhaps an exception, giving him the benefit of the doubt after his outstanding seasons prior to this one. Hopefully he’ll be able to overcome these “nerves” Wenger talks about, and his injury will be completely cleared up. It seems like a combination of these things is having a negative effect on him.

We have also seen in recent weeks, how poor our strikers are. We possess no real threat up front, no one is a concern for the opposition. Our striker doesn’t exactly strike terror in to the opponents eyes like van Persie (sorry), or Aguero, or Suarez and so on.

We need a man up there who can do the business. A Cavani, a Jovetic, a Falcao. It’s unrealistic it will happen, but the reality is it’s what we need.

These are more positions that we need to buy.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to no matter how much money there is if we don’t get top-four.

The attacking midfielders though, they are something to savour. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep them throughout the summer too!


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