Wenger to be Given £70m for Summer?

But who are the potential signings? Here’s who Arsenal have been linked with after the FA Cup humiliation.

All over the papers this morning, Arsenal have been linked with Szczesny’s replacement in the forms of Victor Valdes, and Pepe Reina. Most quote a figure of around £10m would be sufficient to see either ‘keeper part with their club. But is there any truth in these rumours?

It’s hard, but I would edge on the side of no. It seems unlikely that just because Szczesny made a mistake, Wenger would bring in either of these replacements; even though Wenger’s anger at the “massive mistake” was very apparent in his last Press Conference. Valdes has been linked everywhere since declining Barca’s contract renewal, and Reina is linked with Arsenal every transfer window. Which serves to make it seem more unlikely. Plus, we needed him 5/6 years ago, not now. They make as many blunders as Szczesny, yet they don’t have youth or the opportunity for big improvements on their side.

Arsenal have also been linked once again with Toulouse central midfielder, Etienee Capoue. One of the many players Wenger has admitted to liking. Having been linked with a move to the Emirates in January, with many believing Wenger approached Toulouse about a deadline day move, the papers claim Arsenal will try to sign him for the second time. Newcastle are also set to step up their interest, unsurprisingly.

Capoue is a strong player, someone I would personally like to see come in and fill that void left by Alex Song, unless of course someone has a change of form and prove their worth in that position, perhaps Diaby? or maybe Coquelin can finally step up? Ramsey? Anyway, I’d prefer to see money invested in this position, than the goalkeeping position personally. Although ideally there are a fair few other positions I’d like to see decent money spent on.

Finally, Arsenal have been linked with Fiorentina’s super-star striker, Stevan Jovetic. At just 23 years old he looks set to become one of the top strikers of his generation, surprising then that Wenger hadn’t tried to sign him previously. The older he is getting though, the better he is becoming, the higher his price becomes too, and the less chance we have of signing him. I expect the striker, who scored 2 against Inter Milan at the weekend, to leave Fiorentina in the summer, with a view to move to a Champions League side. Hopefully that will be us. Hopefully we will be in the Champions League next year, but it seems unlikely he would join us when the giants of Madrid, City, Bayern, and other teams in Italy are set to take an interest too.

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