Ramsey Raring to Progress

Aaron Ramsey Happy
After suffering a double leg break, it was unclear if Ramsey would ever be able to play professional football again, or return to become the player he would have otherwise been.

But Aaron has made a full recovery, and after an injury-hampered season last year, common for those who come back from long-term injuries, he has returned fighting, forcing himself into Wenger’s plans.

However, Ramsey has suffered a lot of fans abuse for some poor displays, especially earlier on in the season. Played out on the right, in an unnatural position for him, which was bizarre in my opinion while we had Walcott and Chamberlain both warming the bench.

Perhaps more frustration should have been towards Wenger than Ramsey? But whoever you blame, it’s undeniable that he has improved immensely since being used in his preferred role, central midfield. Perhaps it was a confidence, or security issue?

Regardless, Aaron has expressed his delight at being able to have completely shaken-off the horrific injury he suffered, as well as being apart of Wenger’s first-team plans. He was one of the five British players to sign a long-term contract for Arsenal, securing his place amongst the ranks for the foreseeable future.

Ramsey had this to say to skysports.com earlier on:

“The determination and the professionalism that you need to go through that, all the hours in the gym, is quite tough.

“I have got through that now. It has taken me a bit longer than I would have liked, but I am happy now where I am, and hoping to improve.

“It did take it out of me that injury, and hopefully that will have only been a minor hiccup in the long run when I look back on my career.

“I am hungry to keep that shirt and have proven that with the way I have been playing of late. Hopefully I can keep my place in the team.”

This comes after a string of first-team starts in recent weeks, where he had been filling the void left by Arteta who was absent through injury. Rambo managed to keep his place, and after being benched against Blackburn with Wilshere and Cazorla while Arteta played, it seems he may have been rested for the Bayern game therefore making him set to maintain his first-team spot.

After 2 consecutive clean-sheet victories, it comes down to the old motto. Don’t change a winning team. After Arteta’s performance against Blackburn, Mikel has certainly done himself no favours to get back into Wenger’s first choice 11, ahead of Ramsey.

Aaron also believes that Arsenal’s Champions League experience can help them to progress.

“Of course Bayern will be a tough game, but we are confident that on our day we can give anybody a good match.”

“We put ourselves in a good position against Barcelona [in 2011]. Hopefully this time we can get in another strong position in the first leg and I am sure we will be more experienced with what to do in the away leg.”

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