Walcott Confident of Top-Four Finish

Theo Walcott is Arsenal’s top-scorer this season, and hopes to continue that form for the remainder, but insists he is more happy with the teams performances as a whole of late, telling http://www.arsenal.com that Arsenal are “on a high”.

“It was an important win, the three points have us on a high and we’ve got a nice week now without any midweek game.

“A lot of players are back from international duty and need a bit of a break. Some may be rested for the FA Cup game, but that’s just as important as we want to go far in that competition. If we lost [at Sunderland], we would have been dwelling on it for so long, so I’m glad we didn’t.

“We’re very confident [we will finish in the top four]. We can battle through any sort of situation. The teams around us are winning as well, but we’ve just got to make sure we look after ourselves and try to win as often as we can.

“We’ll see where we are at the end of the season but we’ve got to show the belief we did at Sunderland. I felt there were a lot of winners in that dressing room and the boys were fantastic.”

There’s no doubt Arsenal need to go ‘far’ in the FA Cup, but as Theo says, we will need to rest players for the Bayern Munich as much as we can afford to. Although we are underdogs in the Champions League clash, if all those ‘winners in that dressing room’ turn-up, fresh and ready to go, then I don’t see why we can’t get some kind of result and keep ourselves in contention before we travel to Munich at least.

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