Wenger’s Reaction to Beating Sunderland

Speaking to arsenal.com, Wenger had this to say:

“It’s a massive victory for us today, but I am as well pleased of course with the three points but as well with the way we played. We had moments of brilliance today, and when we needed to defend we could see we were up for it. We did fight, we did play, and we got the three points.

“The only negative side of today’s game is that of course we got a player sent off. But as well especially I would say that we didn’t take our chances because we could have scored 6/7 clear-cut chances, and we didn’t take them. Apart from that it was a fantastic game.

“Our character was questioned many times, and you have seen today that we have plenty. I liked the last 20 minutes where we pushed in our back and we headed for every single ball, we did fight like mad for every single ball, and that’s fantastic to see.

“[Szczesny] was excellent today. Like Bac, like Per, they were excellent. The central defence and goalkeeper were excellent today and I hope that will improve his confidence.

“Sometimes you have just to dig in and play in uncomfortable positions for some players, but when we have the desire to win, it helps a lot.

“Yeah [it’s going to be a close battle for fourth], but there’s many games to go and we are in the fight and we have shown today the most important that we are ready for a fight.”

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