Olivier Giroud Promises to Keep Improving

The French International, who is away on duty this week, has scored 14 goals with 10 assists in his 34 appearances since joining Arsenal for £12.6m in the summer of last year.

Despite these statistics, which appear to be good, he is still not seen as the quality striker Arsenal need, with many of his goals coming in games against opposition in lower leagues, or lower down the Premier League; more often than not in games where many goals were scored ie Newcastle, West Ham, and so on. He is yet to carry these statistics constantly in the ‘big’ games, against the top teams, where his goals and assists record are very scarce indeed.

However the Frenchman feels he is outdone what Van Persie achieved in his first campaign.

“For a first season… It’s better than the start that Van Persie had, even though when he arrived at Arsenal, he was younger.”

However it must be noted that RVP wasn’t the main striker, upon goalscoring hope rested as Henry and Bergkamp were still present.

When questioned on his feelings while Arsenal were linked with other strikers like Huntelaar and Villa, Giroud stated that, “The English press has talked about it a lot,” and it was more of a worry to him, considering he knew Wenger “is not very keen on the January transfer window.”

“It would be lying to say that I did not think about [new signings]. Although, I have always believed that the manager will give me time, and I don’t see him pulling the rug from under my feet.”

Olivier, who has 5 goals in his last 4 games, also claimed, “I have room to improve, which means I can be more ambitious.

“I have matured in my mind. I have also learnt a lot, in particular with my back to goal. I control the ball more when I receive it and I read the situation.”

Before going on to give us an insight to how he has been going about trying to improve his game.

“I am fortunate to have a coach who I can talk to. Recently we made a video and he talked me through how I can improve.

“On the pitch we know what we are doing. There is a trust and communication between us.”

He went on to finish his interview, finally adding that, “As a striker you can’t doubt yourself – in a career you will have periods of scarcity.

“You must be positive constantly and I am like that. Here, it is a requirement at a very high level.

“When you have an opportunity you must take it. When it is not easy, you have to look ahead and demand more from yourself. That is just my motto.”

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