David Villa to Arsenal?

Reports are suggesting that Spain’s all time top goalscorer could make the switch to the Emirates, this transfer window. (sources – ‘Sky Sports Transfer Centre’ and ‘goal.com’)

Tonight the David Villa rumours have reignited, but this time it seems they may be more than rumours. Arsenal representatives have arrived in Barcelona to attempt to negotiate a deal for Villa, who is rumoured to want to leave.

The fact this same rumour is repeating itself, not going away, suggests to me there is some truth behind it. It can often be the case, despite any denial from the clubs or managers, that rumours that are consistent have some truth in them. I have no doubt that Arsenal have enquired about Villa at the very least, and I am fairly optimistic we are ‘trying’ to sign him. Whether this will come to fruition is of course, an entirely different matter.

Wenger however, has already said during this window that you get the players cheaper at the end of the window. That is why “90% of deals are done in the last 48 hours”. Well this is very believable from a man who will never pay over the odds for anyone, especially when it is very possible to get them cheaper.

Villa, although 31, is a very good player still, his time at Barcelona has been hampered by injuries. Having Messi to contend with isn’t the easiest of situations either.

Some fans believe he doesn’t improve on the quality we currently have. Well Wenger himself said in his press conference Saturday evening that he was looking to add “numbers” not “quality”, but the addition of Villa adds quality in numbers, in my opinion. Given the opportunity to put a run of games together he could prove to be very successful, and of course his Champions League and International experience could be vital when we face Bayern Munich.

Personally, I feel he will be a lot more clinical than Giroud, who full credit to him, has improved enormously since joining. With our FA Cup run and Champions League games coming up, along with a battle to get back to the top 4, we need squad depth. Hopefully with this we will be able to compete for the FA Cup and progress in the Champions League at least, rather than falling out of both because we are single-mindedly focused on 4th place; as in previous years.

Rumour has it we will offer something in the range of £13m, and match his £110,000 a week wage. But at 31 I’m unsure how long any contract would be agreed to last.

Also, although Barcelona will probably be okay with letting him go for a decent fee, considering his age, injury issues, wage bill, contract shortening and the fact they don’t really need him, there is NO guarantee we will actually get him.

I am as hopeful as everyone else that will succeed in buying him. It will be one of Wenger’s biggest ‘known’ signings to do date, and shows some intent which I like to see as it’s been a while. But we have to be realistic, there is also a big chance it won’t happen and our record at getting these deals done isn’t great. Let’s hope no one else comes in for him, and that he wants Arsenal.

Finally, I wouldn’t expect to see any deal go through until Wednesday evening at the earliest if not Thursday. If we don’t get him, we won’t get any other striker.

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