Arsenal Qualify for Last 16

With Man City out, Chelsea heading that way, and Man United losing, Arsenal were really the only successful English team in the Champions League this week.

A comfortable 2-0 win against Montpellier saw us keep a hold of second place in our group, while Schalke beat Olympiacos 1-0, meaning us and Schalke have qualified for the Round of 16. Unfortunately we sit in 2nd place behind Schalke because they took 4 points from us when we played each other, and unless they were to lose points at Montpellier who are now completely out of Europe, our chances of regaining that first spot are impossible.

However as Wenger said, sometimes it’s not certain that finishing 1st is the best because teams such as Real Madrid still manage to finish 2nd. Finishing 1st gives you a greater chance of getting through to the next round, but more often than not it’s not massively important. Unless of course you are drawn against Barcelona.

During our 5th group game, Jack Wilshere scored his first goal in 2 years, first since his comeback, with a tidy dink over the keeper after Giroud headed it down for him. Giroud was also involved with another assist for the second goal, playing Podolski through with a lob over the defenders, where Lukas hit a screamer on the volley rocketing past the keeper who had no chance whatsoever.

It wasn’t our best performance, but it was comfortable and in control. For a change, I never felt as if we were going to let it slip, or even worried that we would. Hopefully this was down to our performance but I fear it may have something to do with how poor Montpellier actually were.

Nonetheless, we have to beat Olympiacos, and Wenger intends to do so, sending in a ‘full strength team’ to get the job done, should Schalke slip up, through what would most likely be complacency. However, Germans don’t often do complacent. Efficient is what they are, so don’t get your hopes up.

And we move on back to the Premier League at the weekend, to face Villa in the late Saturday kick off. A good opportunity to get a win, continue this decent run, and potentially move up the table.

A lot of the teams above and amongst us are playing each other over the coming weeks, and this will provide us a very good chance to gain on them, and get ahead. Should we win these games that we really need to be winning if we want to have a good season.

That’s all for now.

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