My 2 Big Issues With Arsenal’s Performance

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1)      I understand we are low on confidence, and the players perhaps feel the pressure and everything, and although this may be applicable as some kind of excuse for a poorer quality of performance, or footballing show as we are used to, it is no excuse for a lack of effort and commitment. Too many times in recent weeks I see players wandering over the pitch without the desire to press, or get back, or recover from an error, or stop a cross, or burst into the box. And I don’t feel it’s good enough. If you’re not playing well the best you can do is give your all and a lot of fans would appreciate that. I don’t want to see like I have today, Sagna and Vermaelen, lazily attempting to stop crosses, thinking someone else will deal with it. TAKE CHARGE, YOU DEAL WITH IT. I don’t want to see no runs being made upfront, everyone needs to make an effort. I don’t want to see perfect crosses going across goal without a bloody striker or someone making a run into a scoring position because they think someone else will make the run. RVP IS GONE, everyone needs to take a step up and try and make a difference. Stop relying on everyone else, and give the passion and desire that past players have had, and is a requirement of all Arsenal players.


2)      Risks and slips. Need I say more? Too often we are playing risky passes around the area, or risky dribbles away from goal. Pass to someone who is in space, don’t play dangerously. We simply cannot afford to lose the ball in those kinds of areas. All the time, mistakes, stupid mistakes such as these are proving all too costly and we are conceding time and time again from errors. Even further up the pitch we can’t keep position because we try cross field passes, or high balls that are unlikely to come off at best, and they don’t even make any progress anyway. It’s just an unnecessary risk, and more often than not catches everyone out ie Arteta and full backs are too far forward, and this unexpected loss of possession results in a counter-attack, that we frequently struggle to deal with. And as an additional note, what is going on with slipping over recently? Every game I’m seeing a couple of Arsenal players becoming incapable of standing up. By which I mean fall over at least a couple of times per game. It’s very peculiar, and obviously needs sorting through different boots  or whatever, pretty basic really.

These are just 2 things that have really annoyed me in recent games aside from the players and quality of football – or lack of it. Simple things can go a long way to making big improvements.

2 thoughts on “My 2 Big Issues With Arsenal’s Performance

  1. Disagree with everything you just wrote .. For me the players worked thier socks off today ! Slips are uncontrollable, and regarding the long and as you say worthless balls we have a true target man now who I thought/think brought/brings the ball down beautifully and links up play .. Thats all 🙂

    • Thanks for the reply. Well I’ve given examples of not stopping crosses coming in and not pressing them when they have possession and I stand by that.
      Slips – we slip more than anyone at the moment, same pitch as opponent but don’t see them slip. Can be controlled by boots etc.
      and a target man isn’t how we play, he brought the ball down well about 50% of the time. And my point regarding this wasn’t necessarily these balls, it was cross pitch balls, all the unnecessary ones in the air that are high risk, we often lose when in an adanced position leaving is vulnerable, and its just unnecessary most the time too. I’m not saying don’t go long or in the air, just some of the decisions made aren’t the best for the circumstances.

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