Schalke Shambles

Although Arsenal dominated much of the game, and took it to Schalke, we have little to show for the possession we obtained; not for the first time. Very few chances, with just one shot on target coming in stoppage time from Gnabry – a 17 year old. Gervinho annoyed the s*** out of everyone once again, and doesn’t deserve to be starting these games that he unfortunately is. Mannone made a bulls up of things again on occasion. And Santos. Jesus Christ. Why is he even wearing an Arsenal shirt. Cannot defend to save his life, and was torn apart ALL night. Exposed down our left for both of their goals. Vermaelen is playing below par – probably because he’s always covering Santos. It really is like 3 at the back at times. Most the time even.

We have great players. Great great players. But not a whole first teams worth at the moment. In the first team we have some shocking players who just are not good enough. Santos, Gervinho, Mannone, Ramsey shows glimpses of his talent at times but the generally consensuses he is a bench/FA Cup/Capital One Cup player at best. Undeniably when the likes of Gibbs, Wilshere, Sagna, Szczensy return, we will have a very good team on paper. But as usual there are always injuries to key players, and this can’t be forever an excuse. We need a stronger indepth squad if we know that we’re going to have injuries? And upfront there is clearly an issue. Not enough goals. We have no top scorer this year. Is it not better to have one man scoring lots of goals, than a team who are collectively struggling to score? Walcott deserves his chance but it’s obvious there are many issues on that front… With a couple of decent additions to the squad, back ups better than Santos, Mannone, Gervinho, and an addition of a goalscorer, an out and out finisher, the likes of your RVP’s, Henry’s, whoever.. Llorente? It has to be done. And Walcott needs to be kept. We always score more when he’s on the pitch. Either through him, his runs/crosses, or his off the ball movement!

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