Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

A fairly poor match all round, and an especially frustrating one to watch as an Arsenal fan. Both teams were lacking that spark, but Arsenal deserved to win the match. just. While Chelsea had 4 shots on target and 2 of those going in, from appauling set-piece defending, and keeping in particular for the second. Wenger has said that the defending was “unacceptable” so at least he’s not making as many excuses as he has done. Mertesacker’s absence was clearly an area on his part in hindsight, after Koscielny had what we call, a shocker.

Exortionate prices for a poor, and passionless performance is what is unacceptable. The Arsenal players, most of them at least, just didn’t look up for it, they lacked the drive and urgency that was necessary to come back into the match despite the poor defending. Gibbs was practically the only player out there playing the way they should be in a game of that importance. It was as if they thought they couldn’t lose having not lost so far this season, as if they expected a goal to come out of nowhere for them as it has done. Hopefully this will be a wake up call.

Amazed at some of the decisions too. Particulary the substitution of Podolski, rather than Gervinho, who take it from me was very bad and received a lot of abuse from the fans in the crowd. Everyone was calling for him to come off, everyone.

Nothing else to say, a poor performance all round and I am truly gutted that we lost in that fashion. The fact we could and should have won if we’d played our best just rubs salt in the wounds. Something needs to happen to stop this year in year out?

We sit in seventh place behind Man City, Man United, Spurs (eugh), and Chelsea who are all in the top 5 after what we thought had been a good start for us. On the bright side, we’ve probably had the tougher games out of the lot, and when those top 5 play each other they’ll all take points off each other and things will swing back our way, so let’s not give up just yet.

Til next time.

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