Jack Wilshere Returns to Full Training


Although it’s likely to be another month until we see the young star back in action for the first team. And even longer before he’s back to his best. After a lengthy absence – over a year in fact – Jack has finally started to resume full training with the first team, after set-back, after set-back.

Last year before the 2011/2012 campaign kicked off, during pre-season he suffered an ankle injury which put him on the sidelines for 6 months. So we thought. But this already long period was set to be extended when Jack attempted to return to training, but too soon and instead of returning to training he was returning to the injury table. Every update we received from the Arsenal and Wenger, put his return date later and later. In fact this happened every month nearly from then on.

We were then told in late March/early April that if Mr. Wilshere hadn’t started a game for Arsenal by mid-April, his season would be over. Including Euro 2012, and the London Olympics. Two competitions that he as a young, English, professional, was eager to play in. Unfortunately we discovered, as if we didn’t expect, that this would be the case, and he’d have to say bye-bye to his Major International Competition aspirations for another 2 years, and the fact he wouldn’t play for Arsenal until next season would have been a blow to the knee. Speaking of which, this was the problem. Jack had suffered a knee injury, a separate injury from his ankle, but surely one that was caused by the first; as we’ve seen so many times with so many players. It was reported he would have surgery in May and hop to return for pre-season or the start of this season, 2012.

When greeted with questions on Jack’s return in August, Wenger stated that he and Jack had decided to take a slower and more cautious approach to his return, in an attempt to regain his full fitness without risking another injury, for what would be the second time. We were told he’d return at the end of September, but a week or two later that was revised to October, and since then again it has been revised to late October/early November. Nonetheless, he is back in training, and the most important thing is that Jack Wilshere IS returning and WILL be playing for Arsenal THIS season. 

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