Stoke 0-0 Arsenal. Up In The Air.

Up in the air is the perfect summary to the Stoke game. Fitting the way Stoke enjoy to ‘play’, through set pieces and aerial attacks, but also suiting Arsenals performance. Again. No real final ball, a lacklustre performance in the final third resulting in another goalless draw. I’ve never seen us have so many shots from outside the box in one match. As luck would have it we’ve tightened up at the back but lost the goal scoring flare we’ve had these past years we’ve complained about the defence. Coinciding with the appointment of Steve Bould as Assisstant Manager, a coincidence? I think not.
The Stoke players played the rough card as usual leaving the Gooners up in the air ie Vermealen in the picture above. Good to see the new boys dealing with it okay though, apart from the lack of goals of course.
Also I find it disgusting their fans boo Aaron Ramsey. They have serious issues if they think it’s okay to boo anyone. He’s a victim for Christ Sake. Realistically peopole shouldn’t wish injuries or be hateful towards stuff like that on anyone.
Only saw the highlights due to being away, so can’t give much more of a verdict than that but I heard good things about Mertesacker, and the defensive solidarity although Stoke haven’t won a competitive game in 9/10 games now I think after being knocked out of the League Cup to Swindon last night!Image

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