Song gone, and more.

It’s confirmed that Alex Song has joined Barcelona for £15m, on a five-year contract which incorporates a £62m buy out clause. Can’t see that ever happening. He will also be on £70,000 a week, just £15,000 more than he already was at Arsenal, a figure that would have undoubtedly increased when he signed a new contract at some point over the next year.

He had claimed he was happy at Arsenal just a week prior to leaving amid reports of Barcelona’s interest and bids. He declared that he wished to extend his contract.

Reports coming out this morning suggested Wenger wasn’t too concerned due to us having a number of midfielders already and that Song was apparently ‘lazy’ and ‘always late for training’ giving him a ‘bad attitude’. Personally, I can’t see Wenger ever saying something like that about a player, new or old, gone or still here. I’m not entirely sure who even said it. A Senior Arsenal Executive according to Darren Dein, the tosspot agent of Mr Song, claiming he was ‘covering his arse’.

The son of David Dein, also claimed how they (or he more-likely) had tried to renegotiate Song’s contract SIX times. But Arsenal refused due to him having 3 years left to run. And in all fairness, a contract is a contract, he shouldn’t have signed it for that long if he didn’t want that wage for that long. Perhaps most of it was Deins doing? Feeding his own ego, and back pocket. Dein says this shows disrespect to the player, but how does it if Arsenal have said all along that this would be the case with a man who had three years left to run. A man who is not as irreplacable as an RVP or a Cesc or Thierry and so on.

Darren Dein has now successfully negotiated moves away from Arsenal for Henry, Adebayor, Clichy, Fabregas, Van Persie, and Song. This is just since 2007, when his father David, left.. Notice any trends anyone? This coincides with losing David Dein from the board, a highly reputed negotiator and friend of Wenger, a collaboration that signed and kept many great names over the years. Thankfully Darren is no longer an agent to any remaining Arsenal players, as far as we are aware. THANK GOD. It seems he is more concerned with his own financial agenda than any of that associated with Arsenal Football Club, unlike his father.

I found an article from the Daily Mail, earlier this year (March), and it shows how the times have changed.
‘In the past, when the majority of Arsenal’s players were represented and managed by Jerome Anderson’s SEM Group, the star names traditionally remained loyal.
Ian Wright, David Rocastle, Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp are among a number of high-profile players who snubbed greater financial incentives elsewhere to stay at Highbury.
Wright famously never looked at his contracts, putting his trust in his agent and David Dein to provide him with the pay packet his performances at Arsenal merited.’

And it shows such a contrast from those players of today. Selfish.

This article also suggested RVP wouldn’t accept less than £150,000 a week. He was offered £130,000 it turned out, while Man United offered and have given him £200,000 a week.

Get Dein on Bendtner, Squillaci and Denilsons cases and then he can dissappear I hope.

Cazorla has come out and said that Arsenal MUST replace the duo that have been sold this past week. At least someone’s bold enough to just come out and say it and be realistic. Something we don’t see too often behind the facade football is at the moment.

There have also been mumbles with regard to transfers that we want another defender. And it’s seeming increasingly likely that Bendtner will be on his way to the San Siro (hoo-bloody-ray) in a deal which we see Mexes come to Arsenal (and hopefully some cash). Mexes is a French Centre-back that Wenger has been interested in for some time, yet unable to get. Until now perhaps. And after recently losing Bartley to QPR, perhaps if we could get rid of Squillaci then we’d have a good mix of CB’s. Although I’m still convinced about RB without Sagna.

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