Sagna Saddened by Summer Sales










Out of nowhere Sagna has exclaimed his disappoint at the goings on at Arsenal during the transfer window. The first current Arsenal player to do so, and honestly he has a point doesn’t he? He confessed when conducting a French interview, that he and everyone else had expected Robin to leave. But Song, well that had come as a complete surprise to us all too.

“He is 24 years old, he has three years remaining on his contract. I still do not understand. It is huge loss for the club.

“When you see the two best players of last season leave, you have a lot of questions. Sometimes in the street the fans talk to me. I can understand they are upset. I am just like them, I don’t understand everything.”

Finally it seems someone at Arsenal has spoken out? Albeit a bit too late, and perhaps pointless. Disappointingly he didn’t mention any of the new signings and the effect they’ve had on the team, which has been noticed worldwide, leaving us with the question why so negative Bac? After, he goes on to state that he’s the only remaining player from the 2007 starting XI, and is now used to the situation.

“At Arsenal you come back after holidays, you make preparations, and you see two players leave and the season resumes – it has been like that since I have been at the club. I am used to it now.”

Very unhappy with the players leaving then, after he was brought in being told we would challenge for trophies; which we haven’t really. Not the majors at least. This would be down to a lack of quality players in depth in the squad, and therefore he has a point; we have sold all our ‘best’ players at the end of their ‘best’ seasons. No loyalty which Wenger so heavily relies upon. Speaking of whom, he has come out again to proclaim his support of Financial Fair Play. We’ll have to wait and see how that all pans out, needs to be stricter to benefit us though, currently at least.

Perhaps this is a bold move by Sagna to get his contract extended, or to get a higher wage, by talking about potentially leaving. Although if what he says is true then once again it appears Arsenal are going to let their players run down their contracts, and probably leave.

“My own situation? At the end of the season, I will have one year remaining… Has the club contacted me about an extension? No, no one.”

Before admitting he’s not necessarilyset on staying with Arsenal long term: “Could I be tempted to leave? I just want to play again and be good again with Arsenal so far.”

“Then, we will see. Each person has his own destiny.”

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