Daily AFC

I’m using this first post as a short introduction . It’s a new season, and this is my new blog/website. I will be updating this site all the time, and that includes all the extra features – those you wouldn’t get on a normal blog; making it more than just a ‘blog’. I’m hoping this becomes successful and people enjoy it, and therefore I can keep it going. I’m just going to be talking about the one thing we all love. The Gooners. I will be giving my own opinions, talking about the rumours, speculation, my thoughts on topical issues, and an overview of matches. As well of course I will be writing about news, things that are confirmed as true so don’t doubt the credibility, unless I state that a newspaper for example has said this. I will be bringing every together from multiple sources. Although I’m quite experienced at this so know which ones are more reliable.
The main purpose of the site is to give everyone an opportunity to get involved in a relatively easy way, obviously polls, ratings and comments are the most obvious ways. I’m open to more suggestions however. Hopefully this will become big, with many visitors and then this should lead to you interacting with each other etc etc. I guess it’s a way to get involved and communicate with other fans, in another method, besides twitter. And it’s something that the Arsenal.com site doesn’t let you do as well as they could/should. Arsenal fans aren’t given enough of a voice, and that’s become more apparent over recent years. We feel constantly left in the dark. Although I’m sure this is all deliberate, despite what they say.
Any questions then please ask. Any suggestions then please take a minute to say. Anything at all, go to the contact tab message me.
Tweet the pages and ‘Like’ them, get word out about the site, I’d really appreciate it. Recommend dailyafc.com
Check out the about page for more!

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